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Contact: 406.581.1927

      My experience with covering the West began over twenty years ago when I published/edited

a local newspaper in Bozeman, Montana called "The Tributary." At the time, Montana was in the infancy of population growth, and we were conducting - and photographing - roundtable interviews with city officials on topics like: Should we allow "big box" stores to come to town?

     Today, a freelance photojournalist and photographer/writer, I am still based in Bozeman (with a family), and continue to cover the West, but now I am delving into projects that explore the complexities of life in a rural mountain state. My recent work has focused on everything from the population boom in Montana to political races and rallies to landmark journalism about the historic flooding of Yellowstone National Park. Finally, I hope my travel assignments communicate my love for Montana and the West; in large part, this work is about capturing the beauty and authenticity of a changing landscape.  

     On the resume side of photojournalism: I have contributed to The New York Times for over 16 years. My work has also been published by titles such as The New York Times Magazine, the ACLU, The Wall Street Journal, The Guardian, NPR, Travel + Leisure and others. 

(Links to feature stories at below).

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Recent feature stories:

"A Slice of Big Sky Country That You Won't See on 'Yellowstone,'" writer + photographer, The New York Times, 2023

"After Montana Banned TikTok, Users Sued," The New York Times, 2023

"So Thieves Nabbed Your Catalytic Converter,'" The New York Times, 2023

"A Plan to Ban TikTok in Montana is Preview For Rest of Country," The New York Times, 2023

"Facing Tough Senate Race, Montana's G.O.P. Looks to Change the Rules," The New York Times, 2023

"A Landmark Youth Climate Trial Begins in Montana," The New York Times, 2023

American Prairie, A Vast Nature Preserve, "52 Places To Go," writer + photographer, The New York Times, 2023

"The health care busts that follow mining’s boom-time," Politico, The New York Times, 2023

"A Tangled Tale of Gun Parts, Identity Theft...," The New York Times, 2023

"In Montana, An Avalanche of Wealth is Displacing Workers," In These Times, 2023 

"A Giant Balloon Floats Into Town," The New York Times, 2023

“Residents of Gardiner, Mont. Brace For Struggle After a Flood..." The Wall Street Journal, 2022

"Yellowstone Gets a Lifeline After Flood With Revamped Historic Road," The Wall Street Journal, 2022

“Yellowstone Gets a New Road After Summer Flood..." The Wall Street Journal, 2022

“They Tried to Shut Down Drag Story Hour. A Montana bookstore fought back," The Guardian, 2022

"How Cash-Strapped Schools are Benefitting From the Sun," The New York Times, 2022

"The World Through a Lens," The New York Times, writer + photographer, 2022

"Big Sky is Sprawling, Luxurious and Pricey, "The New York Times, 2022

"Bozeman Landlords Putting Community Before Raising Rents," writer + photographer,  Montana FP, 2022

"Montana's Most In-Demand Kitchen is Run by Refugees," The New York Times, 2022

"Images of the West: A Passion for Pie," writer + photographer, The Big Sky Journal, 2022

“Who can afford to live in the American West when locals can't?" The Guardian, 2021

"The World Through a Lens," The New York Times, writer + photographer, 2020

"Pandemic Crowds Bring Rivergeddon to Montana,"The New York Times, 2020

“Senator Jon Tester Walks Solid Blue Line in Solid Red Montana," The Wall Street Journal, 2021

"Senator Jon Tester Wants Democrats to Fight for Rural America," The Wall Street Journal,2020

“Voices From the Front Lines of America's Food Supply," The New York Times, 2021

“Jobless, Selling Nudes Online and Still Struggling," The New York Times, 2021

“Wildland Firefighters are Depending on GoFundMe to Survive," BuzzFeed News, 2021

"Steven Rinella of Netflix's MeatEater," The Wall Street Journal,2020

"Is The Cure for Covid in the Rocky Mountains?", The New York Times, 2020

"What It's Like to Run a Rural State During a Pandemic," The New York Times, 2020

"The Future of Travel," The New York Times, 2020

"A Once-Powerful Mining Town Awaits Final Cleanup," The Washington Post, 2020

"52 Places to Go in 2020, Glacier National Park," The New York Times, 2020

"Let the Stream Run Through It," The New York Times, 2018

"Oksana Masters's Road from a Ukrainian Orphanage to Paralympic Stardom," NYT,2018

"In North Dakota, Boom, Bust and Oil," The New York Times, 2015

“Can Montana’s Smith River Survive a Nearby Mine?” The New York Times, 2015

"On the Trail of Nabokov in the American West," The New York Times, 2016

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