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Not long after graduating from the University of Virginia, I discovered Montana on a spontaneous cross-country road trip.

To every project, I bring my love for the people, land and politics of the West. I am moved by the challenge of crafting both readable and complex images. I think about every artistic decision -  from color palette to emotional tenor to quality of light - to create photographs that communicate the story at hand. I remain awed by all the variables that play into the creation of beautiful images.

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Recent feature stories:  

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"The World Through a Lens," author + photographer, The New York Times, 2020

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"Senator Jon Tester Wants Democrats to Fight for Rural America," The Wall Street Journal,2020

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"Oksana Masters's Road from a Ukrainian Orphanage to Paralympic Stardom," NYT,2018

"In North Dakota, Boom, Bust and Oil," The New York Times, 2015

“Can Montana’s Smith River Survive a Nearby Mine?” The New York Times, 2015

"On the Trail of Nabokov in the American West," The New York Times, 2016